Monday, March 22, 2010

jamie oliver's food revolution

did anyone watch jamie's new show last night?  jamie oliver, british chef, cookbook author, and creator of the cooking show "the naked chef" has a new show that started last night.  the premise is that he will attempt to change the eating habits of the most obese and unhealthy town in the united states, huntington, west virginia.  he has successfully initiated changes in the british school's system lunch programs, and now he is going to attempt it in america.  what a brave soul he is!

after the first show, i felt it was awesome, and made me angry all at the same time.  i was shocked at some of the foods that are served in the schools, (pizza for BREAKFAST!) and not so shocked at the difficulties he is going to face in the weeks to come.  the "lunch ladies" as he calls the women who are "cooking" for the children in huntington, are definately going to give him the least of his worries.  i thought they were a scary group, and seem very opposed to what he is trying to accomplish, especially the woman in charge of the kitchen.  the kids themselves are going to be a tough sell, especially when he goes to a home, and finds out it is what these children are used to eating every day at home

he brings this to a very strong visual, when he and a mother of a huntington family cook together, and prepare all the meals they regularly eat for the week, and put it all on the kitchen table at once.  ugh, it was awful!  it really brought home to the mom what she was doing to her family.  it was brilliant.

one thing i think he did that was a sort of "shooting himself in foot" was this... he keeps calling the women in the school kitchen "lunch ladies", which if you had seen the look on the women's faces when he said it the first time...oh jamie, don't call them THAT!  and he has been called them "darling" and "honey"... not so brilliant.  but the other thing he did, that i DID think was brilliant...he got the pastor of the local church on his side.  that was terrific thinking!  i can't wait to see if he succeeds.  i am rooting for him!  oh yeah, he only has a week.

he has a petition on his website to have people sign and he will take it to the white house to change the lunch progams all across america.  he is passionate about this, it is something he really believes in.  he did it in britain, i am hoping he can do it here too.  my kids are all grown, but my grandkids are just going into the school system now too.  i would like to know they get healthy foods there, not pizza for breakfast.

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