Monday, September 11, 2006

feeling halloweenie already!

i had saved the movie "abbott and costello meet frankenstein and dracula" on the DVR and so i watched it on sunday while the game was on. i was all cosy and warm, with the shades closed so it was a little dark, and it was still pretty good! i am ready to start getting stuff together for my halloween display. last year it RAINED on halloween, and if that wasn't enough, the lights went out! not that that's a shocker, if you sneeze we lose electriciy here! hmmm...that was not intentional... shocker, electricity, i crack myself up!

this year i want to add a ghost/skeleton/zombie whatever bride to my graveyard scene. i have so much leftover scrap net from the bridal alterations, it would make a great 'shredded wedding gown' look. i can hang her from the tree behind, and it would give it a great 'floaty' look.

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