Wednesday, September 27, 2006

new dress from old

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here is my project i am working on right now for the store. they wanted it "reworked" because it had a huge ruffle across the neckline and that looked kind of different. so i took the ruffle off, and this is the embellishment i came up with. i thought it might be overdone with too many flowers, but then i saw a dress by designer carlos miele that was similar and had WAY more flowers that were even bigger! it has more flowers on the hip, but it did not show any detail if i widened out farther to show more of the dress. i am sewing tiny, tiny sequins in little tendril-like swirls about the flowers then it will be done! i found the sequins on this great website: they have sequins in every color in the rainbow, and some colors in between! they have all sizes and shapes, and i had been looking for a source for the teeny tiny ones for a while.

here also is my new dress form, that i spent i-don't-know-how-many-hours looking for on e-bay, only to end up buying one right from voletta couture, the bridal boutique that i do the alterations for! i decided her name is zoey. she is going to be great help when i have to arrange bustles on dresses!

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