Wednesday, October 25, 2006

halloween is sneaking up, so i thought i would get some of my halloweenie stuff started. i lit my candles to get me in the mood and went to work on my spooky addition to my graveyard this year.

i assembled all the items needed and went to work...and then had to go change, 'cause the chickenwire was seriously scratchy! yup, drew blood!

here is b.b. kitty supervising the assembly of the torso. again, oscar kitty is not co-operating getting photographed! finally, here she is, my lady of the dead bride! no name yet. i'm sure she will look more scary in the night hanging from the tree all floaty, and the coathanger not holding her up anymore!


amanda button said...

EEEEEK!!!!!!! Teh dead brise is AMAZING!!!!!
I am in love!!!!

Deb R said...

The Corpse Bride - she looks awesome! :-)

Also, I have to tell you, your black bean chili dinner below looks soooooo good, especially the homemade salsa - yum!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!