Monday, October 09, 2006

just random stuff today...i went through my halloween stuff after buying more spiders for the halloween display. i have so many now, it was kind of freaky! i know they are plastic...they still freak me out! maybe doing this will purge my arachniphobia! i must have yet another box of halloween items, because the other was missing the egyptian queen costume, the skulls and bones from the previous graveyards, and the spiders i used to decorate the porch with last year. oh goody, i get to look through boxes in the basement!

well, i picked up the last issue of 'seattle bride', and flipping through i found a picture of one of the dresses i sewed! i got excited! i showed my mom and sister, and i also showed them the dress i made for rachel, and they wondered how i could let her out of the house wearing it! i thought she looked cute.

when they had the e-coli scare with the spinach, which was later traced to a grower in san juan bautista, california, they said it was something in the soil, and that you could not just wash the spinach to remove the bacteria. well, at the time i told my husband, "if it is in the soil, it is going to come out in more stuff...they grow so much of our vegetables in that area". well, yesterday, out comes the news of more e-coli tainted produce. this time, it was lettuce...'foxy' brand from the nunes company, the very one i worked for, in a different lifetime so many years ago! weird! (on a funny note, we wore hats that the company gave the workers that had the "foxy" logo on them...everyone kept getting them stolen, 'cause they were kinda cool at the time!) well, it always feels cool to be right, but this time it worries me. they grow so much in that area, what will be next? they said it is in the water the soil, in the water supply, not sure which would be worse. they both are bad! but the salinas valley grows lettuce, strawberries, parsley, radishes, celery, artichokes, cauliflower....on and on. i shall shut up now!

trying to decide whether to sew or clean...clean or paint...paint or embroider...embroider or organize the mess that is my sewing area. can i just hire someone to do all of it for me!? except for the embroidery...that is still fun! i guess i need to clean, because i have a fitting later today. it won't do to have someone see the sewing room the way is looks now! i guess i should make a list and see what i can get done. number one daughter always tells me to make lists. it really does work, and you feel like you have accomplished something when you cross things off. she is really a very smart girl!

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