Saturday, October 14, 2006

the salvage studio!

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today i took a workshop at 'the salvage studio' in edmonds, called 'microscope slide pins'. here is my finished pin and the cute little oval dish i bought there. they had too much cute stuff and too many great ideas! hi elizabeth, if you actually come to read my blog! it was lots of fun and the ladies in the workshop were a great group, all very creative! everyone's projects came out really nice. i think i have to take my mom and sister there now, especially since i don't think we have even been to edmonds together since they moved here over a year ago.

when we moved here over ten years ago, we (my daughters and i) fell in love with edmonds. we used to go quite often. we would have lunch in the edmonds bakery, and try to notice which of the many cookie jars in the collection covering the walls were different than the last visit. then we all had our favorite stores we would like to visit. now there are lots more stores and some of our favorites are now gone. but there are lots of ones that could be our new favorites!

on a note of the graveyard progress, i started finally to put some things out. i started with the front porch, and i think i really do need more spiders! and i found a couple great websites that have halloweenie ideas, some even weirder than mine! thank goodness, i like when there are people weirder than i am!


Amanda Button said...

I envy your graveyard! :) I LOVE when folks go all-out with the Halloween goodness!
Love your slide pin yoo! :)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Is it lead around the edges? How was it to work with. I would love to make one of these.

cinderelly said...

thanks! it was not hard to soldering at all. it was a metallic tape like they use for the stained glass. it is sticky tape on one side, and you just make the collage, sandwich it between the two microscope slides, and wrap the edges with the tape.