Thursday, December 14, 2006

and on with the wild, and wacky winter weather in the pacific northwest! yesterday it was really windy, and of course, we were without power for the entire day...don't get much sewing done that way! so today, i got all of yesterday's work done, then went to pick up and deliver dresses...and boy, what a drenching we got on the way home! i don't think my windshield wipers have been on that 'hyper-drive' speed on my car, ever! i seriously was a little bit freaking out on that drive home! there was the downpour of rain, and also a bit of lightning and thunder! the water was pretty deep in some areas of the road, and then when we finally got home, the garage had a couple inches of water in it! we live up on a hill, we don't usually get flooding of any kind! we are supposed to get some even worse winds tonight...i already have some candles lit, sometimes it helps...when they are already lit, the power stays on!

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