Saturday, December 30, 2006

i have been hangin' out with my hubby the last few days...he's off for the break and has just a few more days till school starts again after the new year. we went to go see the movie "rocky balboa", i love stallone and i really liked the first "rocky" movie. (who didn't!) it turned out to be very sweet, and i really loved it. then today, we tried to go see the movie "night in the museum" today at the IMAX in the seattle center, but when we got there, the line was so long you couldn't even see the end of it! so since we had paid for parking already and it was good for all day, we decided to go see paul allen's collection of paintings on exhibit at the EMP. it was only about twenty paintings maybe, but what paintings! there were several monets, and a van gogh, a was just really cool to be in the same room with them all. they just seem to glow there on the walls!

after that, since we were there, i wanted to go see the sci-fi museum again. and my hubby was a good sport...going to an art exhibit, AND the sci fi museum in the same day! so far we have been to seattle two days in a row and probably three, since we are thinking we will go watch the fireworks tomorrow night at the needle. so i will bundle up really good, 'cause it was really cold the last couple days walking around! we could see the pyrotechnics guys getting ready for the show on the space needle when we were there.

we went to the waterfront yesterday and went to this antique store, before walking around a bit and doing all the tourist things...the 'pirates plunder' store, 'simply seattle', and of course, 'ye old curiosity shoppe', with the mummies and stuffed two-headed animals and stuff. it was fun...soon i will have to get back to work again, so i guess i will play while i can! and we are lucky to live in a place that has some fun places to play!


ButtercupElffly said...

I new that movie would be good I have not seen it yet..You went to all the best places too!! Your time was well spent.. Having fun is the name of the game and Seattle has lots of fun places.. I so wish I could go to see the art exhibit.. But I will most likely miss that. Drat!!!

tess :-)

cinderelly said...

i think the exhibit is done tomorrow...that was why i dragged hubby to it! but our new SAM will be opening soon, no? won't that be cool!