Thursday, January 04, 2007

back in december, when i went to my friend dena's tribal holiday bazaar at ottoman trading company, there was a lady there doing henna tattoos, and i decided to have one done. it came out like this, it still has the henna paste on my hand, so it looks kind of weird still. but while she was applying it to my hand, it smelled just wonderful. it smelled a bit like cardamom, a bit like camphor and eucayptus, and she puts a lemon sugar substance on it after is has dried a while, so you can smell that a bit also.

i got this cute bag with a ghwazee dancer the same day, and i got this book of mehndi designs to get inspiration from. i thought i might so some embroidery on muslin to look like the henna tattoos, on some bag or something. i thought it would look nice in sepia toned threads like the tattoos, or in gold thread it would look pretty cool, maybe even on a black evening dress, or evening bag?
then, my youngest daughter rachel got this henna kit, and it was in the fabulous basket of goodies that she put together for my christmas gift. i tried it out a couple of nights ago. my daughter angela wanted the scorpion, (she is a scorpio) so that was my very first attempt at henna tattooing! then, i did the other design on my own hand...much easier to do on someone else!
here are the results after the paste has come leaves a nice brown design, and it lasts about two weeks, depending on how well you try to avoid scrubbing it off. (i was not all that careful with the first one and it lasted two weeks, so who knows how long if i had been more careful with it?) my design here did not come out very clearly, because it had a lot of tiny dots that flaked off before the henna was on there long enough to darken enough. and one last thing...i did not freehand these...there were stencils in the henna kit! you were really amazed at my drawing skills, no!?


Amanda Button said...

gorgeous! One of my best pals does amazing mehndi work....i always feel extra Goddess-like whenever he adorns my make me not want to do any dishes until it wears off! LOL! Isn't the smell of it incredible? I love that mystical mud!!!!

cinderelly said...

can you imagine the bride's that have those seriously elaborate ones done? it seems so decadent to me now, the time that is required to apply them, and then you have to just not do anything or they will be marred...and yes, the heavenly scent! very cool!

Jewels said...

Oh, I love getting Mehndi tattoos. One of my Belledi teachers has Haflas/Souks twice a year, and a local artist comes in, and does Mehndi designs. She has the BUSIEST booth! LoL!

I can't imagine how long it would take for those designs you mention about the brides. I've seen some that were done in Gold Dust, then embellished with jewelled bhindis. Now THAT's patience!

Bendtherulz said...

Ok next time when you want the color to be dark - as in bit on dk red type may be you can try this . Take a Iron pan put on the cooking burner and then try to give heat to your henna covered hands. Once you have removed the hands try not to wash the hands for atleast overnight You will see much darker results. Logic is color comes out with your body heat.