Thursday, January 25, 2007

i watched the premier of 'the dresden files' on sunday night. i really liked it, i think! i DVR'ed it, to watch again, so i guess i really did like it! is a little bit of a crime drama, (i like crime dramas) with magic thrown in! pretty cool! did anyone else see this? it competes with the 'housewives' though...i dunno, i think the housewives are desperate for something interesting these days! i liked them a lot at the beginning...not so much now.


tlc illustration said...

I quite liked it too. Not great - but enjoyable. Have you read any of the books it's based on? One of my friends - who is a total Buffy (especially Spike) freak, has bought them on CD since they are read by James Marsters. :-) I've listened to a number of them while working. A bit bleak, and hard on Harry - but fun.

cinderelly said...

yes i agree, enjoyable! i did notice that there were some books...that is a really good idea to listen to books while working! i hadn't thought of that, i ALWAYS have music on. sometimes i get tired of listening to the same stuff!