Thursday, April 19, 2007

i *heart* firemen!

i grew up with firemen. my dad was a fireman, my stepdad that i had growing up was a fireman, i had an uncle that was a fireman for a while too. so now that my dad is gone, i find myself drawn to fire stuff. so when we saw this museum in memphis, of course we went to it! it was pretty cool, lots of history and there was an interactive exhibit to show how fast a fire spreads when it is started. (really fast!) and we noticed in memphis that there seemed to be quite a lot of burned out buildings for some reason!

i am accumulating a lot of fire memorabila it seems. i have lots of firemen christmas ornaments.

and my daughter got me this cool fireman's cookie jar. and i have several little firemen figures all around, including one that my dad made when he used to make ceramics many years ago. (i don't have a picture of that one here)

i guess i just feel closer to my dad with them around. i also got a memorial tattoo a few years ago of his badge. i really like it, but the only thing is it is on my back so i can't really see it all the time! but i decided it really needs flames on it, so someday i will get around to having some put on.

yesterday, my youngest daughter got into a bit of a scrape...she lost control of her car, and it ended up in a muddy ditch on the side of the road. she is o.k., just got shaken up a bit, and the car had to be towed, and now needs body work (again), but who was the first to come by and help her out, and make sure she was o.k.? a fireman!


oldround said...

What a cool old fire station! Love the flames on the sign... so very rock and roll.
Glad your daughter is okay : )

cinderelly said...

thanks, i was very relieved! yes, it really was a very cool old firehouse, it used to have the stables and hay loft for the horses, and it had lots of toy fire engines exhibits, too! too much stuff to get photos of all!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

I'm glad your daughter was o.k. too! My mom broke her hip last year and the firemen who came to our house were so sweet with her. So, I guess I love firemen too!

carolina said...

Ugh...glad to hear your daughter's ok! Thanks for your sweet comment on the Friduchitas. And yes, I love firemen too! Obviously they're every clever girl sex object hahhahah!

cinderelly said...

betty ~ thanks, i hope your mom recouperated after her hip injury.~

carolina ~ you are welcome, they were adorable! i guess we DO all love firemen, no?! what's not to love!

Bendtherulz said...

Hey - I hope your daughter is ok...gosh - everytime I come and read your blog , I see some mishap...whats up...!

Loved the recounting...I can understand your feelings on Dad, I miss my dad too lost him physically , however he is always with me.
Tk care ~

cinderelly said...

bendtherulz ~ hee, hee! i guess so...i'm wondering 'what's up with that' too these days! she is o.k., but the car unfortunately turned out to be a total loss after all. :[

and thanks, i guess i know my dad is with me always, too! sorry your's is gone too.