Friday, June 08, 2007

here is some of the stuff on the alterations rack this week. i did alterations on four of these jenny yoo dresses...i love the yummy raspberry sherbet color!

here is a madina vadache gown that is from the moving sale going on at voletta couture. it is way too big, you can see in the mirror how much it is pinned...that's about how much it has to be taken in!

this gown is a new one that is very popular these days. i have done a couple already and there are two of them on the rack right now. it is also from the jenny yoo collection.

another madina vadache gown. this one is very silky and slinky, and very soft! i wish i was thin enough to wear this dress!

here is something fun i sewed up in between dresses a couple days ago. there were piles of fabric on the cutting table, still there from when i was trying to piece together the doll quilt CrAzY piece, and the black paisley and the virgencita were both up there, and boom...inspiration to make a pillow! you can't really tell in the photo, but the black material is sparkly! it goes well with the senoritas pillow, too! now, i want something with bull fighters on it. when i was a kid, i used to watch bull fighting on television with my grampa late at night. when we went to mazatlan a few years back, i kind of wanted to go see one to remember my grampa...he was born in mazatlan. but they did not have them at that time of year. who knew there was a 'bull fight season'!? it was maybe just as well...i don't think i really want to watch them kill a bull! or the other way around, if the bull wins!


She'sSewPretty said...

You look like you've been working hard! That pillow is beautiful. My daughter would love it!

homemakerkate said...

cindy, love your blog, love all the photos!! Had to make a new blog
hope your summer is fun!
Katie aka forestpixie

cinderelly said...

betty ~ i have been trying to 'keep up' and failing sadly! thankfully most things are still far out wedding dates, so not too worried yet!

katie ~ hey girl! what good timing! i just posted this guadalupe pillow, and it has the black sparkly fabric you sent me a while back!

Minko said...

Oooooooh those dresses look gorgeous