Saturday, June 23, 2007

so many posts, so little time!

i have been so busy lately, and wanted to post so many things, but where is the time! i have been working A LOT! i did an egyptian dress for my bellydance teacher, and it was a little bit under a time crunch, because she wore it in the fremont solstice parade. it came out like this. it was great 'cause we did a swap...i made the dress for her, and i get bellydance classes for me!

speaking of swaps, i did one with carolina of neovamp and got my parcel recently and it was filled with BEAUTIFUL things!

here are some of them. i got one of her adorable 'friduchita' dolls, which i loved the moment she posted them on her blog! and one of her new items in her line a clip for is very cool, you can clip it in your hair and it has a pin that you can attach beads or anything you want to hang in your hair!

there was a great cd of music for bellydance with a beautiful photo on the cover, and there was this fabulous bracelet of woven silver wire and beads. it is in the colors of my birthstone, too! and then, there was a little sachet that was in the parcel so everything smelled wonderful when i opened it. it was so beautifully wrapped too, i almost didn't want to open it! but of course, i did!

then, i did get to see my babies on father's day, so i made them some 'princess/bride' dress-up outfits. it was fun to see them in the little feather boas and tiaras...there are still feathers floating about the house i think!

i have done a lot of dress alterations in the meantime, and also, i did finally get some cholis finished at least. i got a call that next week i need to pick up 10 bridesmaids dresses to sew for madina, so i decided to get some cholis sewn while i could MAKE time for them!

next week, the new store for voletta couture should be open, i think. they are moving this weekend from the university village site to a new store in bellevue, right near bellevue square. i can't wait to see it, it should be interesting.

and then at the last, a movie! we got the movie 'the messengers' from netflix and watched it last was SCARY! i liked it, it made me jump a lot! it is produced by sam raimi, who i am a fan of from his 'evil dead' and 'spiderman' and lots of other movies. and there were twin guys that directed it, danny and oxide pang, and their vision is what makes the movie so scary, i think. it is about a family that moves to an old farmhouse that is in a remote area. the family has a problem that they take time over the movie to reveal, which keeps it interesting. the kids, a teenage girl and a little boy (who is adorably cute) see and hear things that the parents don't. and the dad grows sunflowers on this old creepy place, which makes it seem so much more off...these beautiful sunshiney flowers outside in the lovely landscape, and then spookiness within the house!

well, i tried to jam a lot of stuff into one probably won't make any sense! but i know i won't have a lot of time next week either. hope your weekend is wonderful!


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh boy, you've been busy! I'm glad you got to see the grand daughters! Take care of yourself...10 dresses is a lot of work!!

cinderelly said...

betty ~ thanks! yes, ten dresses...AND the ten ties! thankfully, 'the boss' is gone on vacation for a couple weeks, so i have a bit of time!

ambika said...

That dress for the solstice is *fantastic*. I wish I would have gone just so I could have seen it. Lucky teacher!

the feathered nest said...

You have been busy! Sounds like you're going to continue to be busy - 10 dresses, yikes! You're swap items are cute!


Gina E. said...

Hi Cinderelly, Thanks for visiting me at Patra'a Place and commenting. I have had a peek at your blog and love it - I'll be back! (especially if you promise to post more photos of Oscar and B.B. ;-) said...

Wowsa! That dress is lovely. And a swap for belly dancing classes, fab!I almost rented that the other day..... Perhaps I will now.. But, I have towatch it in daylight hours. xxxooo

Jewels said...

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Me next! Me next! ;) I'd LOVE to do a swap with you!

I just swapped myself some rent-free studio time for the next 6 weeks, since the owner's wife wanted to take my classes! ;) Works for Moi!

The Solstice dress is fantastic. Id wear that out. No, really, I'd wear it so much, I'd wear the fabric out! LOL!

cinderelly said...

ambika ~ the fremont parade is too fun...and i am not a 'parade person', got dragged to too many as a kid!

manuela ~ yes, not looking forward to doing ten dresses! and yes, i love the swaps, so fun!

gina ~ thanks for the visit...i went back to 'topsy's', so wickedly funny!

vanessa ~ thanks! wasn't that a great swap!? yes, defiantely watch in daytime!

jewels ~ i e-mailed you!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

You totally need to move next door to me so you can teach me some sexy belly dance moves AND sew for me!!! heh heh.

So that thing that looks like a bracelet, that's for your hair? Really? Do you wear it around a bun? I love hair thingies!

cinderelly said...

miz smoochie lips ~ wouldn't THAT be fun!? i wish i could live next door to all my favorite bloggie gals! could get into a lot of trouble that way! ;] that actually is a bracelet of silver wire! the hair thing is the one with the flowers and a little face. i love hair thingies too...i still wear my hair long and need stuff to keep it from going 'wild'! i know banana clips are 'out', but they always worked the best! and now they are pretty hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Your baby's adorable! Who's that dressing her?

- EE

cinderelly said...

hi ee! ~ that's angie dressing my little g-baby, hannah banana, in her princess bride outfit.

Valeria said...

Good for people to know.