Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's still pretty warm!

i bought this today...paletas (popsicles) and a baby pool, for me and my 'baby' to stick our feet in! she's taller than me now, but now she can sit with me, and drink margaritas! i like having grown up kids!


Anonymous said...

Very fun!!
Dunno' boutchoo, but I am DYING in this heat. No, not dying. Melting.
I need a pool like that... can I bring my floaties over? Heh heh!

cinderelly said...

miz smoochie lips ~ i blew it up (and got dizzy!) and then filled it with water...felt wonderfully cold!

tlc illustration said...

Glad you survived the heat. My hubby had bought me a room A/C unit for the studio. I camped in there all day (got the whole thing cleaned!) I'm glad it's a bit cooler now.

Jewels said...

You mean I'm not supposed to feed my 5 year old Margaritas!?! Darn!


We've had some pretty hot weather up here too, but thankfully, our building has a pool. Very, very refreshing, and a great way to distract the little ones.

Those ice lollies look scrumptious! Especially the coconut ones! YUM!