Wednesday, July 25, 2007

vegas, baby!

we got away to vegas for a little much-needed r&r! here's me at the fremont street light show.

and here's me with 'elvis'! he was a very good elvis, too.

we went and there had been a streak of 99 days straight without rain in what happens to a seattleite that goes to las vegas, then? it rains!


Anonymous said...

Rain in Vegas! Who'da thunk!
Hey... looks like Elvis is trying to grab your chest.

Amy Wagner said...

My brother lives in Henderson, NV and can see the big lights in the near distance from his back yard. He left Ohio about 9 years ago.
Glad you had a good trip despite the rain you took with you!

SteamyKitchen said...

NOthing says Vegas Souvenier than photo with a trannie Elvis!! LOL!

tlc illustration said...

Looks like a fun time was had! (Does that mean that you got to miss all of our chilly rain here?)

cinderelly said...

miz smoochie lips ~ i know! but it was good, it cooled it down to the 90's! ha, ha! i thought it looked like that too!

amy ~ that's cool he can see the lights...they are pretty!

jaden ~ yes, that made a pretty good souvenier!

tara ~ it was very nice when we got back, (only 80!) so i guess i did miss the chilly rain!

Anonymous said...

lol... my cousin actually lives in Vegas (for now, anyway... not that the rest of the family's happy about it). How long were you there?

- EE

cinderelly said...

hi ee! ~ we were there 4 days, that's about enough for vegas, any longer and i am sooo ready to come home. we have yet to go to the hoover dam though. (didn't want to go while it was 103 degrees out!)

Susan said...

Elvis looks so young here. ;) Love your halter dress-you look sensational!

Minko said...

Hello Elvis. Was he available for weddings? Say to ... to me?
I need to get to Vegas

carolina said...

Hey you look gorgeous on that pink dress!!!!!!

Deb L said...

Well aren't you just the cutest thing! And it appears Elvis thinks so too :0)
Hoping this finds yo well and enjoying your summer! xox Deb

cinderelly said...

susan ~ yeah, he found a time machine! thank you! that's my mazatlan dress, very comfy too!

minko ~ take him some of your cupcakes and he will be your's!

carolina ~ thank you!

deb ~ hee, hee! elvis loved posing for the photos! we are having a fairly nice summer! hope you are too!