Sunday, September 30, 2007


i'm getting into the halloween spirit finally! i have only one bride's dress on the alteration rack...that hasn't happened in a long time! (no, it isn't her's...that's my dead bride i made for halloween last year!) but i am getting a lot of requests to have halloween costumes fun is that! i have to get my own made too, and this year i want to make a 'lily munster' dress. i have been wanting to do it for a few years now, but when she passed this year, i knew that this would just have to be the year i do it. i have also started new tombstones for the graveyard i always put up in the front yard...last year they got saturated by the rain and fell completely apart. (just painted cardboard)
well, i haven't been around much lately, but i have been coming off a wedding season that was totally crazy. hopefully it's a wrap now...i am so ready to get on with more fun and interesting stuff! and that includes having time to get back to that wonderful place, bloglandia! i love it there, it's fun and beautiful, and the people there are the best!


tlc illustration said...

She looks pretty freaky!

I hope you have a chance to post pics of some of the costumes you do. I love costumes...

Mishmash ! said...

hey,I want to see those costume too..pls pls post :)


Amanda Button said...

YAY for the Halloween spirit! :)
I was reminded of how much i LOVED your Plan 9-esque decor last year! Can't wait to see what kind of awesomeness you create this year :)

homemakerkate said...

hi cindy! just a note to stop in and say hi! floors look awesome as does halloween horror bride! hugs

She'sSewPretty said...

Hi Cindy, Nice to see you back. I have lots of sewing to do...come down and help me. LOL Pillows, curtains a dress for my daughter. I think I might have to borrow some of your band-aids.

cinderelly said...

tara ~ she actually is pretty freaky...i had her downstairs for a while before she was out in the yard last year, and she kept scaring me, (she is kinda bigger than life-sized) so i had to cover her!

shn ~ i will post pictures of costumes!

amanda ~ me too! i am always amazed it actually pulls together most years!

katie! hi! i saw your computer was down too...i am totally addicted, and don't know what to do when mine is down!

betty ~ ha, ha! i wish i could come help! do you want bratz, princesses, marvel superheroes or pirate band-aids!? (unfortunately, i ran out of fantastic four...they were my faves!)

rochambeau said...

Can't wait to see what you will create!!

the feathered nest said...

ooh she looks so spooky! I love Halloween but we don't decorate anymore so I'll look forward to seeing what you do.