Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wake Up

this is totally b.b. kitty in the morning!


She'sSewPretty said...

That reminds me of my old cat. We called him Spawn of Satan. My hubby loved him though.

cinderelly said...

funny how they make us crazy and we still love 'em, huh!?

rochambeau said...

Dear Cinderelly,
Just so you know, I can't see your post right now. I'm going to go down to the next post.


A Fanciful Twist said...

Cats are a hoot!! Byt the way, LOVE your Halloween costume and all your decorating!!! Love love love!!! xoxoox

cinderelly said...

constance ~ was the youtube not showing up on the post?

vanessa ~ cats sre funny sometimes...but sometimes just too cool to be fun! glad you liked the halloweenie stuff!

rochambeau said...

Okay I'm back. Yes I couldn't see the Youtube, BUT NOW!!! OMG THAT IS FAB Cinderelly. I'm calling my Mom and Coco RIGHT NOW!!!

rochambeau said...

One other thing I wanted to let you know Cinderelly. I am using Fire Fox right now and you have a recipe on the left, but it is half cut off.

How's the belly dancing coming?

fifi said...

This is so perfect! It's also EXACTLY my cat Lily in the morning!
Thanks so much for posting this. You made my day!

fifi said...

hi again,
could you possibly tell me how I can put the kitty clip on my blog?