Wednesday, December 12, 2007

here are some of the things i have been sewing lately, even though the bridal season has slowed considerably (thank goodness!) i did alterations on this madina vadache dress. if it looks familiar (if you have visited me before!) it is because this was a very popular style, and i have altered a few of these, and probably posted photos.

i also altered a vera wang gown this week, but did not take photos because it was too small to fit on my 'zoe'! (my dress form) it was an ivory eyelet gown with an empire waist and kind of a v-neck top, with a beaded/rhinestone belt. it had a very wide skirt that needed hemming and the lining and the overskirt had to be hemmed by hand! yes, my hand is killing me!

i did some sewing of my own stuff as well, since the alterations are not so crazy anymore. i made some cholis in this color which i really like, kind of a color like pumpkin pie! i added the detail on the sleeve...

this is the vintage sari borders i purchased from silk road tribal a few months back. it looks really nice on this color, but it also worked well on a red fabric the color of pomegranates, and a pink one that i have, and even a kind of forest-y green color looked really pretty with it!
after it was all sewn though, the sleeve was tighter than usual, and it doesn't stretch like the panne velvet alone does, so that will need consideration in the future!

i brought home some turkish fabric again from ottoman trading company and i will try to make a different kind of choli from it for them. i will take some photos of that when i get the courage to hack into it in the next day or two!

speaking of ottoman trading company, i spent most of the weekend that just passed there, and it was quite interesting! there was a trunk show for one of the designers of some bellydance fashions. some of her items are still there for a while...there is more information on the ottoman website. there was also a bit of a party later in the evening saturday, with dancers performing also. i also participated in an aromatherapy workshop there on sunday, and my daughter was with me too. we made scented bath salts and shea butter bath melts, with my friend michelle who has a business called 'the circle of healing' that makes these as well as other aromatic oil scented products. she gives workshops from time to time, and they are interesting, as well as smelling lovely! then later that evening, we went to kalia's indian resaurant in lynnwood, and had delicious food and watched more bellydancing. i slept very, very well sunday night, in spite of all the wonderful chai tea i drank there!


tlc illustration said...

Lovely 'pumpkin pie' colored clothing! Yummy!

Quite the weekend over there. Were you around earlier in the day? My son was there just before noon singing with his high school jazz choir.

cinderelly said...

we were there after noon both days! we were there when santa was going to was scary how many people fit into that little courtyard!!!

bemused boomer said...

I love seeing you do more embellishing on the clothes you sew. You have such a great eye for that.

I saw some cushion covers at World Market made out of old saris. I wonder if the Indian ladies are laughing at us for using their old rags for our decor? :) They wear such beautiful materials, how could we drab Americans help ourselves? (OK, I'll speak for my own black-clothes-wearing self. You are anything BUT drab!)