Saturday, January 12, 2008

as i promised, here is a shot of the halters that i made in this fabric from turkey. this one actually fit ME quite nicely! i think it would be nice to dance in because it has nice coverage and 'things' don't really go anywhere when i raised my arms above my head or moved around a bit! not so with the bra i made a little while back. (at the moment, it is there in the upper right corner of the blog) that one, i feel quite 'boobalicious' and i don't think i want to feel like that in my first performance. i have another started that will be a little less 'moving'!
here is oscar, looking on...he kind of disappears on the hardwood floor, like a chameleon! and b.b. kitty disappears into the shadows, like...a shadow!
well, here is some fabric i have had for a couple of years now. i just love it! it is a sari that i picked up second hand, and though i tried, the photo just does not show the color depth of that blue, or sparkle of the gold threads in the border! i am going to cut into it (aaahhh!) and make some of those halters of this, i think they will be beautiful! (maybe one for me too!) i'm thinking i want a costume that is all peacock colors. wouldn't that be pretty?! blues and greens and golds! with peacock feathers in my hair! i think i need a 12-step program for bellydance costuming...did i already say that before? maybe it isn't just the bellydance ones either, i do have quite a few halloween costumes too! i have to sew them while i can though, the last time i was at the shop, they were starting to line 'em up on the racks already! ugh, my arm hurts already and the season isn't even started!


rochambeau said...

Hey Cinderelly!
HAPPY new Year 2008!! May all your dreams come true.
This halter is great looking. It looks like a flattering cut for many types of figures. What is the back like??
Your sari fabric is prettyl. I'm a BIG fan of peacock feathers too.
I bet your husband must love your belly dancing! No need for a 12 step!

Now I'm off to catch up on your post below.


rochambeau said...

Oscars a handsome guy.

rochambeau said...

Thank you for the back shot!
What about those blouses below?

cinderelly said...

constance ~ the others are already at the shop, but they also tie in the back...they have an open back and tie at the shoulders and midriff.

Gina said...

Hi Cinderelly,

Hope you are well! Kris, sent this to me (of my lovely ladies).
It is self explanatory.
"Hi Cinderelly. I tagged you for a Meme; come on over to my blog and check it out".

Amanda Button said...

Gorgeous!!! Soteh halters hold everything in place pretty well? i love the way they look but worry that my "girls" would not be kept in place likethey oughta! LOL!

I think a peacock colored bellydance ensemble would be incredible! I've been eying the pattern for Tempest's corset belt and thinking that i need to order it and give it a's so awesome looking, well, without the hair/tail looking bits...not a fan of that for some reason. i think maybe with braided ribbons and little bells maybe, in place of the hair.
I finally made the test drive to teh tribal class venue...i am gonna do this week! I MEAN IT! no wussing out this time! I will report how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

Aww....Oscar looks just like my old cat Toast.