Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow...we just don't know what to do when we get any amount of snow here in the seattle area. so we are all home today, and probably again tomorrow. the schools had snow days, and the girls didn't get to work either. i took a picture with my phone and sent it to my brother in california, and he said they even got some tiny bit of snow almost never snowed while i was growing up there! oh yeah, and the snow that fell this morning was accompanied by lightning and thunder...thundersnow! weird.

i did get out did get out before the snow started to fly, and got food for about a week, 'cause i know my cute little car can't even get out of the driveway when there is even an inch of snow! so today, i just enjoyed watching the snow fall, and cooked a couple of meals for everyone...i didn't even have to clean up after dinner! that was nice, handsome hubby washed the dishes for me!

i have been having a little problem trying to do some things with my computer lately...for some reason, it will sometimes throw me off when i try to comment on some blogs, or just some websites will cause it to throw me off the internet too. so if you haven't heard from me for a while, that might be the reason. i'll just deal with it for the time being, 'cause i'm broke. maybe after the holidays i'll take it to the geek squad for a 'checkup'.

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Jewels said...

The computer issue is probably due to your virus scan. We had it too, couldn't use msn messenger for like, 3 months! :(

Oh, and I can safely say that we beat you in the snow department, with our 18+ inches from Friday, and the other 5 we just got overnight... Oy! is my old body ever sore from all that darn shoveling! LOL!

P.S.: Oh, those poor children! I hope that everyone was alright.