Saturday, January 31, 2009

Johnny Quest original opener

i used to LOVE this show as a kid! we recently got a new dish for the television and there is a network that plays classic cartoons, and jonny quest is on it. my girls just roll their eyes at me. i liked herculoids and space ghost too...they do have herculoids but not space ghost.


Amanda Button said...

Ok, i am with you on Johnny, i KNOW you have seen The Venture Brothers, right? IT's like Johnny Quest goes very very wrong in the best possible way...i am SO addicted! :)

Bemused Boomer said...

SO glad you could get in touch with the fun you had watching this show! I recently bought some DVDs of the 1950s TV show "Annie Oakley." I loved her. There was a dearth of strong female lead characters in that era, and I grabbed onto this one.

No one will watch the DVDs with me. Much rolling of eyes, just like at your house!

Enjoy your cartoon buddy and your trip down memory lane!

tlc illustration said...

I loved Johny Quest as a kid as well. Some of the episodes truly freaked me out a bit, but I've been addicted to scifi adventure ever since. :-)

(I also remember watching JQ in conjunction with Simba the White Lion? Next to no memories of the actual show outside a few flashes and the title...)