Friday, April 10, 2009

hi everyone, i am still around! i realised i haven't posted anything for nearly two months! lots of stuff has been going on...i went to 'paradise' for a week, i will post more about that later, and some more photos. i am going to start working in my friend dena's turkish shop, ottoman trading company, that will be interesting! and of course, i am still dancing, and then, there are 'the dresses'! speaking of which, there is one calling to me right now. i have not been taking pictures of them lately, since it has been dreary out and they don't photograph well in the dank darkness of the work studio these days. ok, i am off to work!


Bemused Boomer said...

Woo hoo! Welcome back--I've been missing your sparkly posts.

Paradise, huh? While the rest of us just sat here in the dark? You are one lucky dancing girl!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Great Blog! Paradise? Sounds Intriguing! X