Thursday, May 14, 2009

"latin spice" performance at priya's indian restaurant for OLA

monday night, we performed our new choreography with our newest costume for the first time. it was at an indian restaurant for the ottoman trading company's women's club, "ottoman's womens auxiliary", or OLA. it was lots of fun, and went pretty well i think, but of course there were a couple of fist time rough spots. we will be performing this routine at a couple more places, and then at medfest (the mediterranean fantasy festival) in july.
these shots are some a friend of our's took and graciously sent on to me. i was very happy with how the costumes turned out...the skirts flew so nicely!
i will post a sidebar, eventually, with some of our "latin spice" performance dates and locations. i will also be putting up some favorites again like before. i am still trying to work out what kind of direction to take the blog in. i am thinking it may be similar to before, kind of eclectic, but less focused on bridal stuff. i will still put up pictures of a particularly spectacular dress of course! i will probably just keep people guessing!


Anonymous said...

Those are some crazy fun "Mad Toreador" pants. I love the swish factor.

Bemused Boomer said...

VERY cool costumes! I hope I can come to your performance that benefits animals and see them billowing in person.