Sunday, December 20, 2009

as some of you  know, we have our two kitties, oscar and b.b. kitty.  we have had b.b. for quite a while, actually he is the oldest kitty (some 8 or 9 years) we have had for some time.  he is strictly an indoor cat, as is oscar, (oscar is about two years old) and i think it has kept them both healthy, and still around.  some of our other kitties that were allowed outside, something would happen to them, either sickness or they would just not come home.  i think one that disappeared from this house may have been a snack for an eagle or some other creature.  i notice 'lost pet' signs in our neighborhood quite often, usually small pets. 

we got b.b. and another kitten together when they were very tiny.  they were from the same litter, and the mother kitty had died.  but then the other kitten, 'sammy' got very sick after about a year, and had to be put to sleep.  b.b. really missed him, i think.   so, for a while b.b. was 'top cat' of the house, maybe for two or three years...i don't know, it was a while. but then my daughter found oscar, and brought him home.  he was the cutest thing ever, with his ginormous paws (polydactal...extra toes!) and she named him after oscar de la hoya, he looked like he had boxing gloves on!  poor b.b., he was the ugliest little thing when we got him.  he was the runt of the litter...a very, very tiny ball of black fur, and sickly, and we did not really think he would make it.  he was so small, my daughter could hold him nestled up in one hand!  we had to take him to his food and make him eat, then take him to the litter box...he was too tiny to even go up and down stairs!  but he survived and now he is beautiful. (i think he is anyway...he is my 'baby', and my constant 'shadow'!)

when we first got oscar, the two kitties did not hit it off at all!  we have had lots and lots of fights with black and yellow fur flying everywhere!  but it seems that recently, in the last month or so they have come to some kind of a truce maybe.  for the first time, they will come and both lie down on the couch or the bed with me, together.  it used to be that one would be there and if the other jumped up, there would be "the look", and one or the other would leave.  or they would take a swipe at each other, or attempt a bite. 

it is kind of nice to have them co-existing together in a nice, "i don't mess with you, you don't mess with me" kind of thing going on now. sometimes they even do a nice little nose to nose thing, almost like a kitty kiss!  last night they were together on the bed side by side, touching even, hubby said, "maybe they have the christmas spirit!" may be.

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