Friday, December 11, 2009

beginning to look a lot (more) like christmas

 we finally got the christmas decorations out and the christmas tree up and decorated.  i guess now i should start putting some presents under it...or at least go shop for some!  hubby is good, he already started!

  i got my advent calendar up too finally...only halfway through the month to christmas!  my auntie designed and sewed these for our family many years back.  i changed the little ornaments, it came with some little wooden ones but some of them were lost over the years, so i bought these cute straw ones at IKEA one year.  they have little hiding places for the ornaments in the gift boxes at the bottom of the tree.

you take one out and put it on the tree every day...when the tree is decorated and the star on the top, it is christmas day!  (unless you forget to put them comes anyway!)

i have been busy sewing these days, too.  i made another bustle, this one is a sort of a commission.  my friend wanted a thrift store skirt made into a bustle, and this is what i came up with.  it has gold sparkly fabric under the lace...kinda hard to see the sparkle in these photos.  but it moves so nicely and sparkles very prettily!

now i must go find something for dinner...babies are coming in a bit!  it is so cold today, maybe i will bake something to warm the place up a bit!  mmm....i am making myself hungry now!

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