Sunday, December 06, 2009

favorite holiday movies

last night, after we came home from our night at saqra's, i turned on the t.v. to relax, and 'die hard' was on so i started watching it.  i have seen is sooooo many times, but i love it!  yippie kay yay!  it is one of my favorite "christmas" movies!  what are other christmas favorites?  i am not a big fan of the holiday, but i do have some favorites.

i like the "you'll shoot your eye out kid"... 'a christmas story', even when they do the marathon one, of 24 hours of 'a christmas story'! the scenes of the mom dropping the bowling ball in the dad's lap, the kid all bundled up so tightly he cannot move, the "fudge" moment, and the the very end with the "chinese turkey" all just crack me up!  and then there's the dad's funny 'cursing' thorough the movie...too funny!

some of the classics are great...'a christmas carol', but i like the 1951 version; miracle on 34th street, the one with natalie wood, the beautiful maureen o'hara, and edmund gwenn as kris kringle; and then there is 'rudolph the red-nosed reindeer'...the bumble is my favorite part!

'gremlins' and 'trading places' are pretty good too, even though they are kind of movies set at christmastime, but i guess so is 'die hard'.  and then, one last off-beat "christmas" movie, 'tales of the crypt' the 1972 scary!  nothing rings in the festiveness of the season like a homicidal maniac santa claus!

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Christina said...

die hard as a christmas movie. you just BLEW MY MIND!

yippie-kiyay, father christmas!