Saturday, December 26, 2009

post christmas...ahhh.

another christmas come and gone now...are you ready for a new year yet?   here we are, my lovely daughter and i on christmas day.  we had a nice christmas, how about you?  the day was wonerfully beautiful outside... chilly, but sunny and fabulous.

as usual, i ate way too much.  i made this peppermint red velvet marble cake from a southern living magazine cookbook i have.  it came out soooo good, but there is an enormous amount left over!  one tiny slice is still a lot of cake, so we barely made a dent in it.  i don't know what it is about the end of the year, that i end up baking cakes always...maybe because there are so many of our birthdays near the end of the year, i just get on a cake-baking roll there!  one year, i just kept it going on through the new year into january, baking cakes almost faster than we could eat them!  not this year though, i gained a little more weight than i would like to carry around.  i think i will start my walking again, to get rid of some of it before it gets too hard to take off more!

hopefully, today is going to be a nice relaxing need to shop, no need to return/exchange anything, i loved all my gifts!  i hope everyone else has a wonderful, relaxing, post christmas too!

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Bemused Boomer said...

"Peppermint red velvet marble cake"--even the name sounds seductive and decadent!