Monday, February 01, 2010

has anyone ever told you the joke about how many costumes does a bellydancer need?
and the answer is: just one more!

we just cannot help it...the siren song of the costumes is just too strong to resist!  just a few of the things i have made since i started and one that i bought, because it fit PERFECTLY and was just the right colors.

and yet, i am always planning another in my head, even as the one i am working on is still a ways from being  finished.

it's a sickness i tell ya...i hope they never find a cure!

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Debbie~ said...

Cindy these are all truly wonderful, I can even see the small uniform stiches in the lined fabric, how beautiful, each piece is such a gorgeous piece of art!!! (Your hands work magic)! If you have a minute come visit my Cottage Hann~Me~Down blog @

ps. I loooved your 'Seafood boil'post how yummy!