Thursday, March 25, 2010

my favorite horror blog...the vault of horror!

i am posting this link for my favorite horror blog, "the vault of horror"  if you love horror movies and haven't come across this one yet, here is your chance to check it out!  this link is to a past post of what is called "random ramblings from the vault" which is what it sounds like...a bunch of random, interesting thoughts from the 'vaultmaster' himself, brian solomon.  there are also posts from guest bloggers of other horror blogs of note as well.

my favorite thing about "the vault", is that there is someone who has seen pretty much any movie that i can throw out there, and the vaultmaster has seen it too!  AWESOME!  it is great to be able to talk about my favorite movies with someone who appreciates them as much as i did/do!  if you visit the vault of horror, be sure you check out the sidebar stuff too...lots of other links to blogs and other great sites too!

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B-Sol said...

Your support is and always has been greatly appreciated! I'm honored by this, thank you. And damn, do I love that Boris Karloff picture.