Thursday, April 29, 2010

the garden was calling to me today, and there was not really any excuse to not get out and pull weeds.  it was just so pretty out, and they weeds just keep getting bigger!

the voilets are popping out all over the place...i love them!  they are all tucked into mossy areas of the yard, along with mints of different flavors (scents?) coming up too.  i have lemon mint, apple mint, pineapple mint, orange bergamot, and regular peppermints and spearmints too.  i see some mojitos in my future...the pineapple mint makes great pineapple mojitos!

here is my 'chicken thyme' in my herb garden!  he used to be in a kind of a basket nest, but it has since deteriorated away, to become part of the garden too.

as i got to the end of my garden labors and started getting achy, i wondered, why do i do this to myself?  then i uncovered a little patch of long forgotten cyclamen plants that were flourishing under the ferns!  not really forgotten, since i did not plant them there! they were planted in the front yard, and somehow they got moved in some soil maybe, in those funny little round seed pods they have. 


that is part of the fun of gardening, i guess...planting things and seeing what happens. sometimes surprises!

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