Friday, May 14, 2010

crystal skull

i got this for mother's day...crystal head vodka!  i had been coveting one of these for some time, ever since i saw this video of dan akroyd telling about it.  we haven't cracked the seal on this baby yet...i have heard the vodka itself is not that great, but i am not really a vodka girl anyway.  although i do like a bloody mary from time to time!  but the skull bottle is awesome!  it needs some sort of little pedestal now. heh, heh...that just sounds bad.  i put my alcohol on a pedestal!

i got flowers too!

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Jeanne said...

These flowers are gorgeous! Especially the fuchsia. Wish I could grow them here in the South...but it's just too humid.

And yes, the vodka in the Crystal Skull is not that good. Love the bottle though! :0)