Friday, October 01, 2010

across the whoniverse, day 1!

dots i made for the dalek costumes
tonight is the night for the performance of, "across the whoniverse"!  i am so excited to see it, and see the dalek costumes, and the "leela" costume i made for alexandra, one of the performers.  she and her troupe will be wearing the dalek costumes.  i will, hopefully, get some pictures of them tonight and post them.  i am going with a carload of good will just be a good time all around!  sci-fi and bellydance, who knew life could be so good! lol!


The Blue Faerie said...

I can't tell what those are made of. Is it metal?

cinderelly said...

they are old cd's that have layers of batting and are covered with circles of stretchy liquid gold fabric. i hot glued them to the costumes. :) the costumes were a hit at the show!