Wednesday, March 02, 2011

wednesdays are my fav...

today my girls came home from work at lunchtime.  that's why i love wednesdays!  today my middle child, angela, came home with a giant bag of hot pho soup, with all the condiments to eat with it. yum!

middle child, angela, and my handsome hubby
so me and my daughters, angela and rachel, sat down together and ate delicious, fragrant, hot pho on this cold, rainy, blustery day.

my youngest child, rachel
for some reason, my daughters both come home for lunch every wednesday.  i love it.  i break from sewing, and sometimes we have coffee or tea together while they eat. sometimes someone will get out a rant about something at work, or we will hear about relationship issues, or just have some fun banter.  wednesdays are just my favorite because of this.  today was fun, because we all love pho, and it just hit the spot.
condiments typically added to pho  (from


The Blue Faerie said...

Beautiful dresses! What was the occasion?

cinderelly said...

the one with angela and hubby is the prom for his high school one year, she didn't attend her high school prom so that year she went to the prom at hubby's high school as a chaperone. :] the sparkly one is rachel's birthday dress a few years ago. it was an old sequin dress we picked up at a consignment store and altered.

Bemused Boomer said...

I just discovered Google Reader and the ability to see all my favorite blogs on it. Now I'll get to follow your fabulous self from my desert! I'm glad to see you're continuing your sewing and being a foodie. Hugs to you!

cinderelly said...

hugs back! are you warm and cosy in your desert? i am jealous! i made another blog to put my costuming stuff in, and keeping this one for the fun goofy stuff too. i think the previous post has the link to it.