Monday, May 09, 2011

bottle homes again...

my friend posted on facebook this link about bottle houses and i had to share it here.  i have found the idea of bottle houses facsinating ever since i was a kid.  we went on camping trips to death valley, and we saw some bottle houses in the desert in the towns of rhyolite and beatty.

beatty bottle house

bottle house in rhyolite
 i find the houses to be quite interesting, and i posted a while back about the homes in new mexico built by architect michael reynolds.  those home are positively beautiful!  if you have never seen the documentary "garbage warrior" i recommend it...i still have it saved on my dvr, and watch it over again. 

i remember back in the 70's or maybe the 80's, the actor dennis weaver made a rammed earth house, or earthships, as they are called, that used old tires and cans too, i believe. remember dennis weaver?  i used to love, love, love his old tv show, "mccloud".  i think his house was in colorado, and remember seeing something on tv long ago, showing him building it himself.  pretty cool concept, don't you think?  if we could build our homes, out of the stuff we are throwing away that is cluttering up our poor planet, wouldn't that be wonderful?  and then we would also be surrounded by these beautiful, sculptural homes, too!

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Lyn said...

Yes, I remember Dennis Weaver and the series McCloud. I'm not sure the idea of houses made out of our leftovers would be ultra popular, but it would certainly do a lot for the worldwide problems of garbage disposal. And there would be a certain sense of pride and accomplishment too because each home would be unique in it's structure and style.