Sunday, April 15, 2012

i'm not dead yet...

hi, i am still alive and kicking.  i know i have been MIA for a long time, nearly a year now, but 2011 was quite a hellish year.  i was soooo happy for it to end, and then 2012 started out worse!  in time i may explain more fully, but for now i will just say after two moves, two surgeries and starting a new job, i am finally getting back on my feet. 

i just got internet connected again after months without it, and decided to spend the day renovating this old blog.  i so missed having internet! i did have computer at work to check email for a time, and then i got an iphone, so i have some internet access.  but some things just need a computer screen! like pinterest! i am so addicted to pinterest! i LOVE it so!

well, i hope you like the new look of the page...i think i love it now! i will try to post stuff intermittantly, as i am quite wiped out at the end of the day after sewing and stuffing what is basically giant wrap around pillows for volleyball poles at volleyball USA.  it is pretty physically draining some days for this 51 year old body, especially days that i have to make 12  9 foot tall perimeter pole pads, like last friday. okay...more to come soon.

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