Friday, September 29, 2006

i found a website and it has cool with all these food/cooking related links. then i started wondering exactly how many cookbooks i have at this time. yup, i counted them...140+! did not count the ones i have 'written' or the skinny pamphlet style ones. i tried going through them last month and getting rid of ones i will just never use...i set aside three! i think i need a 12 step program!

and maybe i also need one for boots! i bought another pair of boots this i have one for every day of the week! haven't shown them to hubby yet! but they were perfect to go with a couple of dresses that i have bought patterns for, kind of 60's style. they are the kind of dresses they wore in the 60's, but i was not old enough to wear them yet! but my grama lupe bought me boots back then. i think the boots obssesion is grama wore boots a lot. here's a great movie to go with the boot theme..."kinky boots" it is a very cute film. we saw it this summer while we were away for the weekend in friday harbor. we had never heard of it and were pleasantly surprised. i laughed a lot, and it was really kind of sweet.

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