Tuesday, October 17, 2006

here is a sweet dolly that i received in the mail from one of my favorite blogs, isn't she so cute!? her named is 'bethany', she is sitting here amid the scraps of my current project. i have been commissioned to sew a red satin and black lace flamenco dress for a halloween party on friday. here is my kitty, b.b. keeping me company, and supervising the chaos! our other cat, oscar the polydactyl kitty, is somewhere else, avoiding the mess!

here is what the pattern and the materials look like, and here is a shot of the partially completed dress. it had so many of those circular ruffles! i have only to attach the last tier of ruffles, and it will be done! but of course, there is always the dresses for the wedding on saturday, so i had to put it aside to do three alterations that have to be done by tomorrow!

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amanda button said...

SHe looks very happy in her nest of flamenco fabulousness! :) I can't wait to see how that dress turns out!