Friday, October 20, 2006

here is the white dress i made my 'baby' for her birthday. actually, i made both the dresses, these are both of my beauties, with the handsome boys that went out to celebrate rachel's 21st birthday with them. i made the one for angela last year, i think it was for her birthday as well!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

That is a beautiful dress. It is something the Queen of the fairies would wear. Don't tell your daughter that as fairies probably aren't cool among the 21 year olds.

cinderelly said...

thanks! we kind of 'copied' something she found in a magazine that beyonce was wearing. except the top is different, and the fabric is different, so maybe 'copied' is not the right was 'inspired' by a dress beyonce was wearing? i think she would think it was cool to be called 'queen of the fairies' though!