Saturday, October 07, 2006

i finally finished my daughter's birthday dress. her birthday was on monday, but she did not need the dress until tonight when she is going out with her sister and friends. i was beginning to think i would be sewing on it still while she was putting on her makeup for the evening! but i finished all the handwork last night while we watched the hollywood story of the texas chainsaw massacre movies. an interesting note, (or maybe not!) when she lived briefly in l.a. while going to school, she lived in the same building as tobe hooper of the first 'texas chainsaw massacre' movie. i did not get a photo of her dress yet, but maybe tonight when she goes out i will get one of her in it.

with work slow for now, maybe i will do some painting. i have a mural for the kitchen in mind and i have paint for my sewing room as well. it is actually pretty close to the color of these letters right now! too dark to be lavender, but not quite purple. i think i will paint the wood furniture all white to lighten things up. i have purple curtains in there now but i am thinking i want some white lace to lighten up more and make it more girly. i have lots of pink in there too, so it is already kind of girly, but the idea i have now is going in another direction than when i put the pink items in. but i think most will still work out. and then of course, time to get my halloween stuff going! i have quite the collection of spiders now!

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