Sunday, October 29, 2006

i finally got my halloween display out, my bride hanging, and the spider kingdom and the graves all set out. it looked pretty good, and i talked to my neighbor while i was putting the ladder and things away. she had pumpkins out on her porch, and they were stolen! so i was a little apprehensive about leaving my bride out all night, and brought her in later in the evening. well, we had hail off and on all during the day today! not just little hail, big pellet sized hail! i was glad my bride was not out there, and my headstones were blown down, but they are easily set right again. it is supposed to be nice the next couple of days, so i will get a photo tomorrow night, or halloween night when i light the display with candles on the graves.

i have been trying to put my favorite blogs on the sidebar, if you have tried the link and noticed it did not work...i am trying to figure that out. i am afraid i have a slow learning curve where computer stuff is concerned! i have still not figured out how to put an avatar on some of the websites i go to!

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amanda button said...

i await the photos with baited breath!!! If the display is amazing as the bride, then i know it will be totally spooktacular!!!!!!!!