Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i went to pick up a dress to be altered yesterday at voletta couture. that is the other place i work for sometimes. it was kind of an ugly day to start, so i was not looking forward to driving into seattle. so after i got there and picked up the dress, i decided since i was already in seattle, i would track down the elements i needed to make more slide pins like i made at the salvage studio a couple weeks ago. i found the microscope slides, and bought a whole box of 72 slides and a tiny box of 100 slide covers. i think i will try making earrings with those. and i found the stained glass store, and bought copper foil tape to cover the edges with. i think i will be soldering these pieces, because i want to put some of them with jump rings to hang beads on and maybe hang them from chain or ribbon as pendants. i want to make some like these: i kind of like the edges a bit uneven from the solder as opposed to the smooth edges the one i made has. i like the 'rough around the edges' character!

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amanda button said...

I love slide jewelry...the possiblities are so endless for nifty designs and teesy little collages. And i have a healthy respect for folk who can solder...i keep asking my hub to teach me and he never will. i guesshe's scared of the damage i could do to myself adn otehrs with the soldering iron! LOL!
Anyway...can't wait to see what you make with them all!