Monday, October 23, 2006

this week was pretty stressful, and then this weekend i helped my baby move out of her room and into her apartment. so on sunday, i was in serious need of some comfort food. for me, comfort food is mexican, like my grama lupe used to make. nobody cooks mexican food like grama lupe did.

so mexican food needs salsa...i made pico de gallo, fresh salsa 'cause i like that. but i like to have some salsa in the freezer for when i just want it, so i made a lot of it, too. all the chopping made the house smell so good!

then i toasted the chiles on the stovetop. the house was filled with chile smell, too then! and the vegetarian black bean chili was cooking andding it's aroma to the mix. no we aren't vegetarian, but we have some people who won't eat beef and some people that won't eat pork, so these became part of our favorites somewhere along the line, 'cause everyone liked them better than the traditional chili beans.

then i cooked tortillas, 'cause we NEEDED tortillas! so the rice was cooked, and the tortillas were ready to go and the chicken was marinating....marinating? uh, yeah. i forgot to cook the chicken! no worries, not done with the tortillas yet, so into the broiler the chicken goes. my grampa condi made great barbeques, and we had this chicken a lot. and the funny thing was, when we took a trip to his home town of mazatlan, mexico, we had grilled chicken that tasted just like his recipe! i don't have the grilling skills yet, so i put it in the broiler. it doesn't taste the same, but it still works pretty good. i bought a barbeque grill recently, and i will work on those skills!so here we are...with our salsas and tortillas.

i'm ready to have a plate! was good. and i was comforted... somewhat.

post script!

if you make salsa and you wear contact lenses, wear gloves! three days later, and my eyes STILL burn when i put my contacts in or take them out, even after washing countless dishes and washing of hands and showering! when will i learn!?

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Deb said...

Yummy! I also LOVE to cook and love Mexican food... maybe we could share recipes sometime?