Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ha, ha, meow!

Fw: pics
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b.b. is laughing...he's laughing because yesterday i was elated i figured out some computer stuff, and today i'm stumped again! i went to this site what serenity character are you? and tried to post it... didn't work! so that's why b.b. is laughing! mom got too goofy! by the way...it said i was most like zoe! cool, i like zoe! at least i'm not a 'reever'! ick!


Amanda Button said...

LOL! I got Zoe too! Which is cool, 'cause Zoe is awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

I scored as Mal Reynolds. Fine by me, he's my favourite character!

- EE

thetoymaker said...

I got Inara. Jeepers!

I love Firefly.



cinderelly said...

me too! i keep getting it from netflix...i should just buy it!