Friday, November 03, 2006

here we are today, me and my kitty companions, working on this dress for the third time. this time, the bride wanted it lined, which meant i had to basically take out the work i have already done on it the previous times, and then do that over after it is lined! we have beads crunching under foot, and tiny white sequins everywhere! i am taking a break for a bite and cup of earl grey in my favorite blue willow teacup...i could really go for an 'umbrella' drink about now!


amanda button said...

Oh, i feel sorry that you sometimes have to work with "bridezillas"! I understand that we all have grand ideas about "perfect dream weddings"....but i don't get how utterly INSANE some chicks get over it all. As for me, i rather take all that mad cash spent on huge weddings and take a LOOOOOOONG decadent honeymoon.......with LOTS of umbrella drinks!

cinderelly said...

we see a lot of things the same! my perfect dream wedding would have been on a mexican beach in a red dress and a barbeque after...with margaritas and pacifico beer! and lots of money left over! except maybe the trip to mexico would cost some pesos, huh!?