Thursday, November 02, 2006

i am doing o.k. so far putting stuff on here, but there are just some things i don't get. even reading the "help" things on blogger, i still have things that frustrate me. i tried to put something kinda cool on here from i tried to put here, 'what superhero are you?' (i was elektra!) and it sort of posted, but the link did not come through. and i tried to put my favorite blogs on the sidebar, but again the links did not work. maybe i need one of those yellow 'idiot' code for dummies! they probably actually have one of those! i guess i just need to wait till i have a ridiculous amount of time to waste to play around and figure it out...maybe a game day, when hubby is gone from sun up to sundown. i usually end up watching my movies that no one else wants to watch with me!


amanda button said...

I wish i knew how to assist....i used blogger for about a week before it made me so angry that i couldn't cope anymore and had my hub move me to a different blog-format...i think it's typepad, maybe? i am terribly technically challenged...don't know a bit from a byte! LOL!

cinderelly said...

technically challenged...i like that! i call myself 'computarded'!