Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i am trying to decide which project to start today. not working very much these days, so it would be a good time to start one of the 50 or so projects i have in various stages of progress, or no progress! i have started some jewelry, and i really like working on those, but i also have these projects in the queue ready to be started. the top one, the coat pattern... i made the coat last year, and i just would like to make a contrasting fur collar for it. it was an old 70's pattern i picked up at a thrift store or garage sale, and i was amazed at the reaction i got from people. they really liked it, and i made another in black for my daughter for her christmas present. they look great with jeans, or when you get dressed up. (like i ever go someplace that i need to dress up.)

the second one, i have had the material forever, and i finally saw this pattern that i liked and thought it would make up nice in the fabric, AND the dress would go well with my new boots! this next one below, i saw the dress in santa cruz this past may, while i was visiting my sibs (and having lots of fun!) and sketched the dress out on a napkin in the pizza place after i saw it. then i saw something similar on an e-bay auction, (there on computer print-out) but did not like the material, a brown/yellow printed floral. i found this pattern, which i can make it work, and this material which i LOVE! probably 'cause it is pink, and has roses!

then, this last coat i have had in mind for a time also. i saw something similar in a store in LA when my daughter was there for school two years ago, but it had fur trim collar and cuffs, and was in a gold brocade. and it was also in the beverly center, and therefore a designer store, and cost a bigger chunk of change than i make in a couple of months work! i like this red brocade, and think this will be a fun coat to have.

then, i have several purses cut out that need to be stitched together, and a couple of hats that i cut out, that also need to be put together, AND still i have the paint that i bought to paint my work area! maybe i should just cut my list of things to do apart, put everything into a hat (one that is already sewn together!) and draw one out! then, that's what to do first. and the interesting thing is, my horoscope said i should finish all those projects that i have started, and never finished! bleah...maybe i'll just delete my horoscope!


boonada said...

Those are GREAT! I like them . . . if you knew how hard it was for me to find clothes I think are pretty you'd blush.
I hate wearing off the rack stuff. It all fits like it was made for someone else.
I like the last coat, but just because there's no belt. I have a short torso and when I wear a belt I look like a rag doll.
Thanks for sending me the addy. If you don't mind I'll read some more of your blog.
I can identify with the children being grown. Mine are, too.

cinderelly said...

thanks! i just hope they look as good once made up! yeah, stuff from the store with those 'standard sizes'...bleah. and yes, please read!

tlc illustration said...

Sounds like plenty of projects! (They look very fun - great fabrics, fun patterns. It's been years since I looked at a pattern. I save up all my sewing projects for when my mother-the-seamtress comes to visit. :-)

My [lengthy] project list will have to wait until my paying projects are finished - sometime next fall maybe... :-p