Sunday, November 26, 2006

i love movies. i watch a LOT of movies, and i watch them more than once, if i really like them. yesterday, we went to see the movie, 'deja vu'. i really liked it! it was such an interesting concept, and of course, it has denzel, that's usually a good thing! and it was directed by tony scott and jerry bruckheimer produced. that would be a 'trifecta' for me! i love jerry...he blows stuff up! one of my guilty pleasures is 'armageddon', which i am not quite sure if it is because it is a jerry bruckheimer, or because it has bruce willis AND ben affleck! i just really like the action and thrills bruckheimer puts in his movies. in this movie, 'deja vu', he made me laugh, (mostly at myself!) because there was something that i caught, being the dork that i am! in the movie 'the rock', the character that ed harris plays, says a quote about "the blood of patriots" 'deja vu', jim caveizel's character says the same quote, AND he was one of the pilots at the end of 'the rock' that drop the bomb on alcatraz. yes, very trivial! and maybe that means i have watched 'the rock' too many times, and shouldn't watch that one again! but i will be watching 'deja vu' again!

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