Monday, November 13, 2006

my lovely lavender work space! it is finally (semi!) put back together. the color in the pictures is not quite true, the actual color seems a bit more warm, with a little more pink tone in it. but after the pictures were going back up, i decided that this carved wooden shelf would fit in this space. i got it quite a long time ago at a garage sale, it came with nearly a dozen great big spoons that fit into slots in the shelf. the spoons have long since disappeared, but i have dragged this along on our many moves over the years, in spite of the fact it has never fit anywhere. so i was very happy we finally made it work someplace! now there is a place for my cute dollies to sit and observe.

there is a little area there that i made into a bar, and it was kind of nice to get all the glassware out and get it all sparkling clean again. they looked so pretty i had to take a picture of them! i don't know if i ever mentioned before, that i have a thing for cordial glasses! and this is not even all of them, only the ones that will fit into this beer tray that i got in mexico when i was a teenager. one of the uncles, tio javier i think, worked at the cerveceria (brewery/bottling place) at the time and gave it to me.

this is the other side of the room. it is all paneled, so i did not paint that part. at the time i took these photos, the cutting table is not yet in place is piled with all the REST of the junk from the room! so now that is in place now too, ready to go.

that long pink hanging organiser is filled with scraps, mostly silks, saved from being tossed out after the cutting of bride's and bridesmaids dresses. i could never stand to throw all of it away, only the very smallest scraps, so i brought home any piece that was too small to cut a bustier part from it. there is lots of dupioni, because that is what we made all the bridesmaid dresses out of. i have projects in mind for some things, but i could sew forever, and never use up all those scraps! someday, i want to make a crazy quilt...someday!

today, i must actually work down there! and now it is nice and clean, with a fresh coat of lovely paint. i guess i am ready to get that list of 'to do' projects out!


amanda button said...

I just love that's the same shade i used to paint my bedroom! Dreamy! :)

cinderelly said...

mine too! i have one wall a cranberry color and the rest are lavender too. but a little bit different than this...maybe a bit more blue-lavender. and bethany bathory seems happy in her new space. i think she needs a little chair though! :]

Kimberly Sherrod said...

Hey there! I love the color in your sewing room! That's nice! What a nice place to create in! Happy Sewing!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Too fun! How decadent(and handy) to have a bar in your workroom!