Tuesday, November 14, 2006

one of my alltime favorite movies is 'the lost boys'. this is a jacket i have been embellishing, it is kind of inspired by one that the vampire character "marko" wears in the movie. (yeah, sad... i actually know the names of the vampires!) i loved the wardrobe in the movie, well maybe not cory haimes wardrobe, but especially the clothes worn by "star". i loved the sparkly skirts, and her jacket. but my favorite was "marko's" jacket that was entirely covered with bits and pieces of fabric, and beads, and patches! i wonder what ever happened to that jacket after the movie! anyway, i started embellishing this coat, while it is quite far away from being as wild as the lost boys one, it is progressing. i have two more jeans jackets that i have aquired and will most likely do the same, they are just waiting for time! it was kind of funny, i was working on this coat yesterday, and decided to come upstairs and work on it in front of the t.v. (because it was cold downstairs in the work room!) and flipping through channels, and guess what was on! yup, "the lost boys"!

i guess i love the movie so much, because i love the vampire genre of movies, and also i lived very close to santa cruz growing up. so we went to the boardwalk probably at least once every summer, sometimes more. i loved the way it smelled...a combination of suntan oil/cocoa butter, the cotton candy burnt sugar smell, hot dogs, and the saltiness of the ocean all together made up the smell of the boardwalk. we used to go there when my favorite auntie visited, and my grama would make up a picnic. she always had cold fried chicken and potato chips, and they always tasted so good on those picnics, even though sand always got in the food!

my daughter angie, and i went back to the boardwalk a couple of years ago together, and the goal was to ride 'the big dipper', the big roller coaster in the movie. as roller coasters go, it really isn't all that big anymore. but, i kinda hate roller coasters, so i never did ride it when i was younger, but this time we decided it was one of those 'things to do before you die'! we were a little disappointed, we went and it was still the 'off' season' so most of the rides were closed. the haunted house was closed, but there was a new one that you just walk through, so we decided to do that. it was SOOO scary! we were both hugging each other so tight the whole time, we totally thought something ws going to grab us! but we got to the big dipper and it was running! so we rode it and it was fun, but a little anti-climactic. but now, when i watch the movie, instead of "i gotta do that someday", i think, " i rode it!"


Amanda Button said...

Oh, how i do love the Lost Boys!!!! I was a teenager when it came out and i so wanted to run off and live that wild free life (nevermind the blood-suckery part.....LOL) I thought Keifer S. and Alex Winter were soooooooo gorgeous (swoooooon), and the clothes that Starr wore were so lovely. I felt so sorry for poor Marco getting staked in his sleep. :P And i am pretty sure that the taxidemist grandpa is one of my redneck uncles, moonlighting as a movie star! hahaha!!!!
I love it that you are making a Marco jacket!!! The Guadalupe Virgin (That's Erzulie to me! :) is beautiful as a center-piece. I Look forward to seeing how it evolves!!!

cinderelly said...

yeah, poor marco, getting staked while he sleeps...i HATE it when that happens! :}

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love the story ,in terms of vamps,yep I'm a goner over that genre too. Buffy(still my all time fave tv show),Lost Boys,Anne Rice,and The Hunger,I love em' all.
love the jacket,love the inspiration!