Monday, November 27, 2006

saturday night, i went into the laundry room, and found standing water in the closet where the water heater and heater are...not a good thing! so on sunday, we have this nice man come out. we were without hot water for saturday night and all day sunday. so sunday was a quite lazy day, like one i have not had in quite some time! my husband was watching football anyway, so while i did get out of bed and get dressed, i got back to my bed under a blankie! i watched movies and played with my computer, in bed, for pretty much the entire day! then, my sister called from whidbey island and said, "it's snowing here! it's snowing a lot, and it's sticking!" and then, about twenty minutes later, WE got snow too! i went out to look at how much snow had fallen, and i noticed the slogan on the side of the truck, "when your hot turns to cold, you'd better think fast!" it made me laugh, with the snow everywhere! i have lived here in the pacific northwest for about ten years now, and i have to say i still get very thrilled when we have snow! it is so beautiful...unless you gotta drive in it, then it's awful! fortunately for me, i am usually out of work at the time of year that snow happens, so there is really no reason for me to drive in it. but my kids do, and so i worry about them!
i went outside just now, i keep hearing helicopters outside, so i went to get a peek at it and collect the is starting to snow some more! my hubby does security for the seahawks on gamedays, and he might be a little chilly at tonights game! seattle snow on monday night football!
anyway, here is a photo from last night. it was so lovely, and the snow was coming down pretty good, so i tried to get a shot of it. i'm afraid it does not look as beautiful as it did last night!

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